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Title 'The Ananaglyph Forest'  Size 1000mm x 1000mm

In order to get the most natural randomness of the trees Jim took a stereo pair of photographs and selected a
thin horizontal slice then increased the contrast and stretched it vertically to fill the page.

This was edited to remove unwanted tones and used as position guides for the vertical lines.

This picture when viewed with the 3D glasses represents being amongst trees and perceiving the varying depths.

  Title: 'The Forest in Snow'      Size 6ft x 3ft

The same technique was used for this painting but the 3D effect was enhanced by adding snow to the ground.
Receeding trees create depth clues to allow the brain to recognise that each tree is at a different distance

All Jims painting should be viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses to see the amazing effects.


Title:  'The Anaglyph Box'       Size 4ft x 6ft

This painting overlays what each eye sees and by looking at it through the red/cyan 3D glasses we see the unambiguous shape of a box in 3D.
This comes as a surprise because we know we are looking at a flat canvas. When the observer shifts from side to side the perspective changes giving
the painting an illusion of movement.

Perhaps the title reminds us of 'Pandora's Box' which can cause a bit of apprehension!
This painting got to Stage 2 of the John Moores Painting Prize 2014 but never got selected.
Optical Illusions have recently been a feature of Jim's work.
The Illusion Parade event at the recent Conference on Visual Perception organised by the University of Liverpool used some of Jim's 3D paintings,
anamorphic distortions and illusions that can only be seen using a camera.

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