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Jim Sharp 3D Artist

3D Anaglyph Paintings for sale - prices on request
Each painting comes with 10 Opera style glasses and
10 hand held 3D glasses.
If you would like a painting in the same style as any on display
simply let Jim know the title and a fresh original will be painted
using his special formula 3D acrylics. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Other services available from Jim's company Pinsharp 3D Graphics:-

3D Conversions

3D Glasses

3D Opera Style Glasses

Lenticular 3D Conversions

Hidden Encoded Messages

Red Reveal


This stunning 3D Photo of New York that Jim took from the top of the Empire State Building
is available as a huge panel 1000mm deep x 1700mm wide printed on vinyl and mounted on foamboard.
A copy was on display at the Graphic Bar London and people were taking photos of it with their mobile phones!
If you wish to purchase your own copy let Jim know and he will arrange it.


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