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About Jim Sharp


James Brian Sharp born in Liverpool UK on 6th June 1942.
Educated at Liverpool Art High School and Liverpool School of Art.
1958 Worked in an advertising agency as an illustrator and lettering artist.
1963 Started own Commercial Art Studio (McCaffrey and Sharp).
1975 Invented Schafline High Definition process, making images clearer in newsprint.
1982 Started Pinsharp 3D Graphics converting images into 3D.
1985 Franchised Schafline process around the world.
1993 Liquidated Schafline Ltd and concentrated on 3D work.
2009 Jim continues to produce innovative graphics, 3D conversions and 3D paintings.
2011 Jim made a short 9 minute film about how birds see called "The Blinking Third Eyelid"
2012 Some of Jim's 3D paintings were on display at Graphic Bar 4 Golden Square London W1
2014 Jim's painting 'The Anaglyph Box' gets through to Stage 2 of the John Moores Painting Prize 

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