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Some of the images in the 3Dx1M Series.

These 3D paintings each measure 1000mm x 1000mm and are painted in specially formulated 3D acrylic colours.

More are being planned for the series, which can be displayed individually, in groups or in a row along a gallery wall.


3Dx1M Series. 

Title: 'Bow'

At life size the stereoscopic effect of this painting is intriguing as are the others in this series. 


Jim also created 3D airbrushed paintings for viewing in red/green.

Title: 'Moving Space'

Size: 1520mm x 1020mm

Acrylic airbrush on canvas

This painting is about the artist’s life in keys. His first office keys are on the extreme left

then the petty cash box key followed by desk keys, cupboard keys and a car key. Then

more office keys, machine keys, filing cabinet keys, equipment keys, bigger office keys,

London office keys, alarm keys, safe keys etc etc. Then in 1993 his company was liquidated and

that was the end of that lot of keys. But as one door closes another door opens and

another set of keys begin to appear. 

The actual keys were used as masks and carefully moved to create the correct 3D effect.



Title: 'The Gallery'

Size 30 inches x 40 inches                                                                                          Acrylic airbrush on canvas

The observer on the left appears to be standing off the painting and the walls are see-through in this 3D Gallery.


Title: 'Gateway'

Size 24 inches x 30 inches                               Acrylic airbrush on hardboard

By flipping the 3D viewer the depth is reversed creating a totally different perspective.



Title: 'Self Portrait in 3D' 



Acrylic on canvas 150cm x 120cm  This is the latest addition to the collection:

This is an accurate 3D anaglyph. Not just ‘out-of-register’ so it must be 3D!

Positioned in front of the canvas ready to apply paint, two images of the artist’s shadow were formed by moving slightly left and then right.

They were photographed 
and combined to create a 3D anaglyph on a computer.

The image now takes on a new dimension when looked at through red/cyan 3D filters because each eye sees a separate image and the brain interprets them as depth levels.

Unusual things happen with this image. In daylight the colours completely solidify through each filter but in certain artificial light the green colour leaves a ghost image that

forms a natural shadow on the canvas.

As you walk past the image while still looking through the filters you perceive a sense of movement as if the image was actually solid.

The tip of the brush is in perfect register and appears to touch the surface of the image and the hand and arm gradually come out of the picture to connect to the body of the artist.

If you reverse the 3D glasses so the red filter is over the right eye and cyan over left eye you will now see the artist is now standing inside the picture beyond the canvas but just touching the surface with his brush.

The image is larger than life-size which enhances the illusion but the 3D can still work even at the size of a postage stamp.

The background is process yellow with vermilion hue and fluorescent green offsets with a Mars black overlap. 

So grab some 3D glasses and take a look!  

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